Unwind your tightly coiled city springs in Fairmont Hot Springs. Another of the Columbia Valley’s true year-round havens for fun and relaxation, it features no less than three stunning golf courses, Mountainside, Riverside, and Creekside, and a family-friendly ski area for downhillers of all ages and abilities. And that’s before getting into our legendary mineral hot springs, which we encourage to do at your earliest opportunity!

The Fairmont Hot Springs are the largest natural hot springs in all of Canada; their crystal clarity has made them a legendary attraction for over 100 years. Slip into their soothing warmth, and let them dissolve stress, and wash away worries, while you gaze through the steam at stunning panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains. With over 1.2 million gallons of fresh, odourless mineral water flowing through the Fairmont Hot Springs pools daily, they’re able to use minimal levels of chlorine, further enhancing their tranquil, calming effect.

While there is plenty of choice when it comes to accommodation in Fairmont Hot Springs—from renting a whole house, condo or mountain bungalow, to motels, camping and RV parks—at the heart of the community is the charming, full-service 140-room Fairmont Hot Springs Lodge, offering a full range ways to recharge depleted batteries, including sumptuous fine dining and spa treatments.

For the adventurous, there is guided horseback riding, mountain biking, white water rafting, all-terrain vehicle touring, snowmobiling and fishing all within easy striking distance. And everything you need while away from home is available in the form of a service station, aesthetics studio, coffee shop, boutiques, liquor store, grocery store and a couple of pubs, featuring live entertainment.

All of which makes Fairmont Hot Springs the perfect place to begin your recovery from City Stress Condition™

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