Sure, the Columbia Valley has the natural wonders and peaceful vistas to soothe your soul. But let’s face it, they’re nothing without creature comforts. Fortunately, the Columbia Valley communities – or rather, sanctuaries – of Radium, Invermere, Panorama and Fairmont Hot Springs have more than their fair share of those, too. Dozens of hotels and resort accommodations that exist to pamper you with their comfort and spas, further the healing process, and restore peace and calm to your life. While they’re dotted all over our scenic majesty, you’ll find they all share one view: you shouldn’t need to visit a therapist or pop pills to unwind and de-stress. Just a visit to the Columbia Valley.

Whether you’re looking for hiking, golf, or skiing, at one of the Columbia Valley’s many , or dining, arts and entertainment, these sanctuaries have everything you need to cure your City Stress Condition™.

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The Columbia Valley is the perfect place to live and escape from City Stress Condition™