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Little Known Facts about Hot Springs in the Columbia Valley
November 14, 2019

Little Known Facts About Hot Springs in the Columbia Valley Many visitors to the Columbia Valley arrive after a breathtaking drive through the Rocky Mountains. Their journey taking them through Banff National Park and Kootenay National Park, past some of the most impressive natural beauty you can witness from a roadway. While not a long […]

Best Outdoor Winter Activities in the Columbia Valley
December 23, 2018

When the snow flies and ice forms in the Columbia Valley, it’s time to head outdoors.

Columbia Valley’s best places to nosh
December 14, 2018

Nourish your body as well as your soul on a visit to the Columbia Valley at some of the valley’s most popular eateries.

Columbia Valley’s Best Spas
November 21, 2018

If you need help shaking off your city stress why not try one of the Valley’s many spas? There is never an off-season for indulging in ‘me’ time or reconnecting with your girlfriends or special someone.

Leave head banging to the bighorn sheep
October 31, 2018

It’s easy to get frustrated when things don’t go as planned but in the Columbia Valley we leave head banging to bighorn sheep.

Gratitude & Thanksgiving
September 25, 2018

Playing in the Columbia Valley lets you feel the rhythm of the seasons and October is the perfect month to reflect on the best parts of your life.

Fall Into Fun
August 30, 2018

Summer may be over but there are plenty of warm days remaining in the Columbia Valley and activities to ramp up the fun factor.

Garden Fresh Eating
July 23, 2018

It’s easy to overindulge while dining and drinking in the summer sun but you can upgrade your nutritional intake with help from Columbia Valley farmers and ranchers.

The Living is Beachside
July 6, 2018

Summers in Canada are short but can be very, very sweet if you make the most of your time near the water in the Columbia Valley. Although the valley is known for beautiful mountain views it’s also blessed with great beaches. The biggest beach is found at James Chabot Provincial Park on the north end […]

A Scent of Relaxation
June 10, 2018

Valley views are always wonderful but June offers some of the valley’s best smells. Our olfactory gland is linked to emotions so a single whiff can transport you back to a childhood memory or help you relax. With blossoms popping up on hillsides and in flower boxes visiting the valley’s floral attractions and indulging in […]

Spring Hijinks
April 13, 2018

If thoughts of extinguishing your cabin fever have you kicking up your heels, come to the Columbia Valley. The lake is ice-free, hummingbirds are back, and sweet smells of the short but glorious Canadian spring hang in the air. Valley businesses are ready to help you reconnect with warm outdoor fun. The world-class golf courses […]

Shaking Off Winter
March 20, 2018

As winter finally relinquishes its frozen grip you may find yourself slipping outdoors to shake off the lethargy of long nights and stale air like a gopher poking out of its burrow. In the Columbia Valley the landscape sheds its snowy suit as sunshine bakes south-facing slopes. Sprinkled across the melting waters of the wetlands […]

Rebirth and the Last Moon of Winter
March 2, 2018

The last full moon before the spring equinox is called the worm moon. Although it might be hard to believe with snow on the ground, earthworms are beginning to move. As the last moon of winter rises over the Columbia Valley sap is rising up tree trunks and great horned owls

Local Artists Lend Colour To The Landscape
August 17, 2017

Just as the Columbia Valley’s outdoor pursuits are fervently enjoyed year round, its arts and culture scene can be celebrated with equal gusto. Fortunately, visitors never have to choose between spending their time exploring sports or the arts. It really is possible to experience