They say it takes a village to raise a child. We think it can also take a village to restore child-like calm and peace. Indeed, a big part of Columbia Valley’s ability to address City Stress Condition™ and restore the real you is everything the relaxed mountain village of Radium Hot Springs offers.

As the name Radium Hot Springs suggests we have hot springs to soak away stress. These soothing waters are odorless and colorless and come in two varieties; soak and refresh. The calming 39°C hot pool soaks away physical and mental tensions and troubles, while the warm, revitalizing 27°C plunge pool energizes the weariest of souls. But the hot springs complex’s therapeutic properties extend far beyond the water. It also features a spa for massages, aromatherapy and numerous other wellness treatments.

Of course, there’s more to the village of Radium Hot Springs than hot springs and spa to quench your soul. Hunger and thirst can be also be satiated in wide variety of ways: From a latte or light lunch in a quaint village café, to an authentic European-style dinner in elegant surroundings to excellent pizzas to go, dining options abound. Or, for a quiet evening in, you’ll find well-stocked stores with locally-raised and grown foods, and award-wining BC wines and beers. The pub also features live entertainment most nights, and throughout the year, there’s no shortage of community events, such as festivals, farmer’s markets, and, in the summer months, outdoor music events.

Accommodation is in equal abundance in Radium Hot Springs. From economical camping sites, to friendly bed and breakfasts, to charming motels, to comfortable full-service hotels and resorts, we’ve got you covered—without breaking your budget.

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